Recovered alcoholic and solo female van dweller attempts to attend 50 meetings in 50 states.

Hi and welcome to my journey!  I’ve always wanted to travel, and I still need my A.A. meetings so I decided to combine the two!  So far I’ve only been to the southwest but I’ve really just started and I’m in no hurry.  

I have a 2002 Ford E-150 conversion van named Genie and I’m happy to report that the van life is especially freeing and I’ve come to love almost everything about it.  I’ll be giving you tips on van life, and sharing as much as possible with you, it’s going to be quite the journey!

I try to attend as many round-ups as I can and when possible I set up a little table to sell the items from my Sobriety Gift Shop.  If you know of any AA round-ups or camping events, please let me know!

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