On October 27, 2019, I attended my 2nd meeting in Burbank, California at the Unit A meeting hall and to my surprise, I was asked to chair the meeting!  I had such a warm welcome the first time I went to this particular meeting, I decided to go back.  It’s a 7:00 am meeting held in a delightful meeting hall that is decorated with what looks like custom license plates all over two of the walls.  Each one has a member’s name, custom message, and exceptionally unique artwork.  I’m not sure which one is my favorite, but I’ll go back before I leave Burbank, and try to get better pictures for you.

At this meeting the format includes a reading from Daily Reflections and wouldn’t you know, the title was Global Sharing!  What a perfect topic for the day I was asked to chair, seeing that I’m on a sharing journey!  I enjoyed the meeting immensely and really felt a deep feeling of gratitude for A.A.  I mean it!  How else would I get to go around the country, pop in on a group of strangers, and feel not only welcomed but loved and understood?  A.A. is truly remarkable, and the new friends I get to meet on the way are so special.  What’s up Camille and Belle!?